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Most of you know my goal is to become a published author. Not just published, but a successful author. Might as well aim high. To get there I set goals. And I love setting goals. Every month I review my goals, see what I’ve done and what I haven’t done. But the other thing I do is I try to look ahead. That is a very tough thing for me because I am a procrastinator.

I’ve had some help looking ahead. No, its not my crystal ball. I’ve been able to see authors in my chapter (like Ashley March) and how their experiences went. I also took a fab bootcamp on Riding the Roller Coaster by Angi Morgan.  And now I’m watching my friend Sherry Isaac  get ready for her release date. Wow, is there a tremendous amount of work involved in that.

(Sherry is setting up blog tours right now for July and August, and guess what? I’m excited to announce she will be blogging here in both July and August, so stay tuned for more announcements.)

Both Ashley and Angi were stunned by the amount of work they needed to do when releasing their first book. If you don’t have a website you need to do that. Establish a web presence, learn about self-promotion, get head-shots, business cards. The list goes on and on. Oh and don’t forget edit the book, and they both had to write their second books at the same time.

So I’ve decided to start a backlog of blogs. I may not need to use them. I may have fresh and stunning ideas when my thirty-fifth blog of the week hits. But just in case, I am going to write two blogs a week for the next few months and stash some of them where you can’t see them! Mean, huh. I already have a file of ideas that I have yet to dive into. Its my just-in-case-the-muse-doesn’t-show file. So far, she’s always shown up, so I’m okay. But there will come a day when the fickle bitch doesn’t show up. No, wait, I didn’t mean to call her that! There will come a day when she’s sick, or busy, or just plain too tired and then what am I going to do?

On that day, when I’m not feeling so hot and I’ve committed myself to too many outside activities and the edits are due and the blog is due. On that day I will be ready, because this is one of the many steps I need to take. The step of changing my procrastinating ways and walking on the right side of the muse. And if she doesn’t show up (which I’ve heard she sometimes does) I’ll be ready to walk by myself right over to the blog storage unit and pull out an instant blog. And I’ll be thumbing my nose at the muse as I go.


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9 responses to “Blog Backlog

  1. That’s a great idea! I have a backlog of ideas, too, but I’m usually typing the blog out at the last minute. I think the procrastinating gene gets mixed in with the writing one.

    • You are up early!! Okay, its only 6 am my time. I agree with the gene mix up. Maybe they are on the same gene! The absent minded thing is on there too. Where are my keys???


      • Actually, I’m up late. Lol! Waving good morning to you as I go to bed.

        My favorite thing is when I walk into a room and forget what I went in there for. My husband thinks I’m losing my mind.

  2. I try to write in my blog regularly but after a few weeks it fizzles, I try to have 5 or six already written and scheduled to post, but I guess I need to space them out more so that they last longer. My problem is I can never think of ideas for blogging and so I always feel that I’m blogging about the same thing. Ugh!!!! I guess before I worry too much about that I should start a writing schedule in general so I can get more done on my story, especially if there is a lot of work involved once we do get the contract. Great blog!

    • Hi Kaycee! You have such a busy life, its no wonder blogging falls to the side. I’ll tell you a secret. When I’m talking to my hubby about writing and all the stuff he pretends to listen to, that I’m so excited about…thats a blog. I need to tell someone! He listens, but I know its not his thing. So I go jot down whatever that idea was. Then I blog later. Its all that stuff you want to tell your friends about writing or whatever, but they aren’t writers! Actually I think it would be great to blog about anything, it doesn’t have to be writing. We writers tend to blog about writing, but do our readers want to read that? I always wonder??? Maybe you need to blog about something else, something different? What is it you talk about incessantly that you could write about?


  3. I have to be content with who I am and what I can do. Finally, I have learned it’s okay to do a bit every day. I don’t have to finish everything all at once. Such a freeing concept and I like that it runs in the face of my perfection gene.
    Today, for example, I am not feeling like going all out on my writing. Okay. I do what I can do with joy and fill the rest of my day with spirit-feeding things.
    That all being said, there is a lot more to this writing thing than just writing.

    • You sound so balanced with your life and your writing, I’m hoping to get there someday. I still feel angsty when I don’t get everything done and I always set my goals way too high. Trying Margie Lawson’s method of two levels of goals per day. Winners and superheros!


  4. I usually have the blog ideas flowing, until I sit down to actually post the dern thing, then my mind goes blank. I do try to at least keep a scribble pad nearby, to jot down topics, however. That seems to help occasionally. I haven’t actually written full blogs before hand however. Doing so’s a good idea though. Thanks, Jessica!

    • Thanks Julianne. I have those days where everything flows, and then there are those days where its a total drought. Even the drought days are okay, I can manage to get through. But its when i have waited till the very last minute that something happens and i can’t even get on the computer that really mess me up!


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