Looking for Open Doors

I’m doing what I almost never do: bouncing off of someone else’s blog. But Elaine Cougler’s blog really got me thinking. Elaine attended the eWomen Network conference and blogged about a session by Olga Sheean. You should check out Elaine’s blog, but what I got out of it, and what I’m going to talk about here, is the idea that we need to stop the negative self-talk about publisher availability. Now its no secret that I don’t actually believe in the Secret. The idea that if you just open your heart to success, it will be there like a stray dog, anxious to get into your life. But I do believe in the underpinnings of it, that if you  open your heart to success it will be there. But only if you go to the shelter and look for it.

I love this idea, that Elaine brought back from Olga’s session, that all our talk about the gloom and doom of publishing is closing doors for us. One of the traps for writers is this kind of negative self-talk, and you hear it everywhere. At conferences. At meetings. At workshops. Online all the buzz is about the dying publishing industry and how hard it is for newbies to get published. Okay, its not the easiest thing in the world. Did you think it would be?

Okay, I actually did. I had this idea that since I had read some really bad published books, and my writing was better than that, that I could get published. No problem. But it hasn’t worked out that way, and I’m glad. Now I’ve been forced to work on my writing, to make it better. I’m glad that the opportunity didn’t come up when my work was not very good. Now its better and I’m ready for it to get out there. So what are the steps to take? We’ve been over most of them. Keep trying, keep submitting, keep putting yourself out there. But this idea that you need to open your mind to there being, not just a publisher, but the right publisher for you. This is an amazing idea.

I’ve been thinking about this with agents. That we don’t just want any agent. We want one that fits our personality. Yes, I want honesty, but I don’t want someone who is cruel. Yes, I want expectations, but I don’t want someone who is unrealistic. Yes, I want success, but I don’t want someone so busy I can’t ever get a hold of them. So that’s my agent short-list, what about a publisher?

Today I am opening my mind to not only there being a publisher out there for me, but the right publisher. I want a publisher who will market my books and promote my career. I want a publisher who will be excited about my work. And I want a publisher who will pay me well. Why not? It’s not that we open these doors with out thoughts, its that we see the open doors. There are lots of lost pets out there, you not looking for them doesn’t change that. What changes is when you think to look for one. Think there is a place in your house and your heart. There are publishers out there and they are looking for writers. Are you looking for them?


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17 responses to “Looking for Open Doors

  1. Right on, Jessica. You’ve taken my post to the next level.

  2. Great posts, Jessica and Elaine. I’ve had quite a few friends ask me why I’m not published when they have a friend who was just published last week by a small press. I’ve put years into learning how to craft a book, and I’m at the stage where just being published by anyone doesn’t serve me best. I want the right publisher who will help me achieve my career goals. You’re so right, Jessica. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we are moving forward toward success because we are willing to work so hard.

    • Thanks Sharon,
      This also reminds me of a blog Sherry did on Romance and Beyond about waiting to publish. Its the idea that you can simply be published and maybe be doing okay at it, or keep waiting and working till it is right and then BAM! success! I think we all want BAM! Success! But there are days I’d settle for just being published! And I also have friends who have learned a lot from publishers who might not be perfect fits. They are honing their craft and publishing, and I’m sure they’d say that route works well too.


  3. Yet another great post and I completely agree. I don’t subscribe to the idea that if you open yourself up, everything will fall into your lap either but, like you said, all that stuff is there, you just don’t see it until you open up. I want an agent who is right for me too and I know when I get to that point, I will find one, as long as I’m open to it and persevere.

    • I know you will. You are already acting like a published writer, and doing all the extra things besides writing, that we need to do. I know that was a big moment for me, realizing that I needed to act like where I wanted to go or I wouldn’t get there. I hear all the time authors who can’t make that step, they aren’t ready to have a website, twitter or whatever. When I started doing all the extra stuff, that was when I really felt like publishing was really on its way. You are definitely on the way!
      And thanks on the tags! Your help was fantastic!


  4. P.S. Like your categories and tags. 😉

  5. I am so glad to hear you say that, Jessica. Walk the walk and talk the talk and the rest will come. It’s also a matter of believing in oneself, isn’t it? Years ago I shied away from telling people about my writing but once I started to put myself out there that feeling disappeared. I now know that this is part of the process for everything, not just writing. And so necessary to actually getting on with it. And a lot of fun.
    Now I wonder what Mallory told you about tags. I’m not totally up on that yet.

    • Mallory does a great blog on wordpress for beginners, she has a great site and does website design for a living. Each blog is one thing, so its easy to learn. And they are all there, so if you miss one, you can catch up!


  6. My Grandma always said, “There’s a lid for ever pot.” I’m sure when she shared this wisdom she meant men, not agents and publishers, but it fits!

  7. Mary Hagen

    Great article and comments. Yesterday at the swimming pool, a reader but not a writer said to me, “It isn’t easy getting published,” when I told her about my book ECHO OF LOVE. Not only can we writers be negative but so can others. I like working with Avalon, but I wish they paid more of course. I agree about an agent, too, if I ever have one. Mary Hagen

    • Hi Mary! Great to see you here!
      Keep querying agents. The fact that you already have one book published and at least another finished goes a long way toward attracting an agent. and you have a fabulous website too! As we know, they are looking for that. 😉


  8. I am just so buoyed up by all the people who are out there getting their writing done and their books published. In fact, I think I’ll do another blog about my writing conference in Vancouver. Look for my post on Gail Z. Martin, hopefully later this afternoon.

  9. How do you praise an author? Tell them they are productive! Thanks, Jessica. e.

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