AAACK! Nearly Halfway Through the Year and Still Editing!

We don’t usually talk about goals in May, but we should. May is a month when I look at summer approaching and think: “Wow! It’s here again!” And this year I am hitting May and realizing my yearly goals are totally lost. What happened to the first part of 2011? I thought I had more time and yet here I am almost halfway through the year.

Did I slack off? Did I not write? Did I totally ignore what is supposed to be my reason for being? No. I wrote a lot. I just didn’t stick to the plan. What plan? You know, the plan where I said I would finish a second book. Oh yeah, that one.

I look at my yearly goals and first I cringe. I was supposed to have a good chunk of the rough draft done by now! Fifty-thousand words by June. Not there. But what did I do instead? I got sidetracked. Seduced by the opportunity of a quick pitch contest I diverted from my course and now I find myself way off track, but with two finished novellas.

That’s good, but not where I wanted to be. So what is my new plan? Back to the old plan. Re-visit, re-vamp, re-do. Because its only May. And I can still hammer out a rough draft before the end of the year. I can possibly even polish it enough to call it finished. So I’m not giving up. I am still trapped in the edit swamp for my first ms. I can’t seem to get out. But I am determined that this is the last run through. After this, it is time to get serious and submit it. Again.

And those novellas? Well one needs another run through of edits. That swamp is never letting me go! And then it is off to the e-pubs. And the second one. Well that second one is my ace up my sleeve. You see, while I was writing it and keeping it to a measly twenty-five thousand words, I kept thinking there was a bigger book in it. And now that it didn’t make it in the pitch contest, I don’t have to restrict it anymore, I can now expand it into a full length book.

So guess what! I’m now 25,000 words ahead in finishing my book this year. And it is a pretty polished 25,000 words too! So I’m way ahead. I may not hit 50k by June, but I will finish the rough draft this year. And then its back to the editing swamp for me.


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5 responses to “AAACK! Nearly Halfway Through the Year and Still Editing!

  1. Great post, Jessica. I can so relate. I’ve had this exact issue for years now. One thing I do, from Margie Lawson’s DSDB course, is post my goals every Monday to some writing friends. This helps me identify what I mean to accomplish, look at the previous week for how I did and feel accountable.

    That said, I’m now in the middle of a web design course that wasn’t part of my yearly goals that is taking time away from writing. So once again, I am behind!

    • Thanks Sharon,
      Still winding my way through DSDB, and I’m getting better at the goal thing. I have a fantastic goals group that I post to on Monday’s as well, but I still ended up getting off track somehow! There are always fantastic opps, like your web class, that seduce us to the dark side!

  2. It sounds to me like you’re having a great year! Sometimes even the best goals need to be reevaluated. I think you’re doing great!

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