When Optimism Flees Like It’s On Fire!

Even Superman has a bad day. What do you do when you’re not Superman. When Lois isn’t around and it’s just you facing a day filled with optimism draining people and problems?

On those days when the fighting starts before the sun comes up and those little errands take ten times as long because of idiots in traffic. When you find out that using a stamp would have been the smart thing because when you dropped off that paperwork the receptionist’s snarky attitude pushed your already bad mood into a killer bad mood. Those are the days when even an eternal optimist says “Where’s the chocolate?”

What can you do? Start with the small things. Smile. Even when its not your fault, even when you feel like spitting instead. Smile. Smiling lifts your mood. It may take ten, or twenty, or even a hundred smiles, but your mood will be lifted. You may not notice the smile’s tiny effect, but if you add all the smiles up and add in a few other tricks, that smile will be moving mountains.

Now the next one sounds even more trite. But it works. Count your blessings. You fought with your kids, your spouse, your mother, but you didn’t say anything really bad.  The snarky receptionist was rude, but you were nice and now you are sure your paperwork is being taken care of properly, and not in the circular file. Traffic was bad, but you didn’t get into an accident. Or if you did, it was only a fender bender. Or if it was really bad, bring on the chocolate, you deserve to be a bitch.

I have a whole list of things I do when my day starts to avalanche. Not just smiling and counting my blessings. But I add in exercising. Okay, when I am in a bad mood I don’t want to exercise. I get really crabby and mean and start whining, “I don’t wanna!” But if I can get my butt in gear and go for a walk or do some yoga I start felling better. Exercise, like smiling is a mood lifter. And it is even better and faster than the smiling. Exercise is a power lifter that will get your avalanche out of the way and off of your mountain.

I have special teas and potions to lift my mood. As optimistic as the world sees me I am frequently caught under that pile of bad feelings. One of the simplest and best remedies i have is to go outside for ten minutes and suck up some sun. I know that can be hard during the winter. Lovely Colorado has plenty of sun year round, so on most of my moody days I can lift my face and get the benefit. If you live somewhere dark and cloudy invest in those Vitamin D capsules. Even here in sunny Colorado we have people who don’t get enough sunlight. The beauty of real sunlight is that not only is it feeding you Vitamin D, but ther is something uplifting about the bright shiny light on your closed eyelids that raises your spirits.

And then, when you’ve smiled till your face hurts. Counted your tiniest blessings, exercised and sucked up so much sun you are going to burst and you still feel depressed….

Find a corner, get your chocolate and wallow. Forgive yourself and lock the door. Tomorrow you can be Pollyanna, today you have permission to be a bitch!


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4 responses to “When Optimism Flees Like It’s On Fire!

  1. This was too funny! Smile even when you feel like spitting.

    I have to admit all of your techniques work. Well, exercising never really lifts my spirits, but I’m always glad I did something good for my body afterwards.

  2. ‎”Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.” – Buddha

    This quote came from a friend of mine on Facebook who has advanced ALS. He’s had it for 7 years now, and is in really bad shape (wheelchair, types with his eyes, struggles with eating, breathing machine at night – the works). On days that I get frustrated with my life, or feel like I’ve got it tough, or am overwhelmed with responsibilities, this quote, and thinking of Denny, can really help me keep my perspective.

    BTW – fun blog!

    • Oh, what a great quote! Some days that needs to be my mantra… at least we didn’t die. What a great attitude to have with such a miserable disease. Thanks for checking in!


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